ad4mat Performance Display

Increase the success of your campaigns.

For your performance

Our performance display solutions increase the success of your display campaigns measurably and on a sustained basis.

We reach out to your customers in a targeted way in the places they can be found online, which we carry out in all the common display formats. In order to ensure that your campaigns are as suc-cessful as possible, we only deliver your advertisements in high-quality environments.

Your clicks and sales will therefore increase in a sustained and long-lasting way. You will be able to benefit from our programmatic campaigns and from our fixed exclusive placements. Your advertising me-dia will therefore achieve higher visibility with the appropriate target groups across all devices, all delivered in a completely transparent way.


Billing models

User interaction
With full formats, including special formats or text-image with optimisation on performance targets.

Exceptional combination of the ad4mat network (SSP), AGOF environments and marketer traffic, as well as programmatic inventory via ad4mat DSP.

Web & Mobile

E.g. geo, channel, time of the day

Blacklisting & Whitelisting