ad4mat Prospecting

Accurate & High Conversions.

advanced technology

ad4mat data driven audience targeting is an effective way to increase sales based on data.

Our prospecting campaigns are so successful because we are able to target customers based on known consumer behaviour even before the customer has demonstrated specific search behav-iours or has visited your website. The environments are primarily no longer as decisive for the suc-cess of the campaigns as the profile characteristics of the user.

In addition, ad4mat combines high-quality 1st party data from our own data collections and 3rd party intent and interest data from our publishing partners in order to convert users into buyers in a targeted way. What is more, the ad4mat prospecting solution automatically demarcates the user data from data relating to your existing clients. We can use this method to accurately target poten-tial new customers in a way that maximises the conversion rate.

The ad4mat data targeting

Our sales orientated campaigns are based on user profile targeting. Data selection is based on interest, intent or prediction categories.

• Interest
• Intent
• Prediction via Machine Learning

Our database

ad4mat uses a very large online network to create a high-quality database and in doing so utilises the advanced audience algorithm, which is based on the profile data.

advanced audience is a wholly owned subsidiary of advanced store GmbH and creates user pro-file data from sources with high levels of traffic, such as:

• Content pages
• Comparison portals
• E-Commerce Shops
• Voucher portals
• Review portals
• Competitions
• User movement patterns within the ad4mat network

We take data protection very seriously. The server is located in Germany. This ensures that the user profiles based on anonymised cookies are data protection compliant and are certified in accord-ance with German and European data protection guidelines. This obviously also ensures that no personal data such as names, email addresses, age, gender etc. are stored.


Billing models

User interaction
With full formats, including special formats or text-image with optimisation on performance targets.

An exceptional combination of the ad4mat network (SSP), AGOF environments and marketer traf-fic, as well as programmatic inventory via ad4mat DSP.

Web & Mobile

Based on profile data

Blacklisting & Whitelisting