ad4mat Retargeting
Gets your customers back.

Clear goals

ad4mat retargeting technology will not fail to impress due to the above av-erage repeat visitor ratio for your website visitors and also due to in-creased sales, upselling and cross-selling.

We use dynamic retargeting to achieve these exceptional results and to steer high-quality traffic to your target website. This is underpinned by the ad4mat retargeting algorithm that we have de-veloped and also the use of dynamic advertising media.

Individualised advertising reaches out to users in the best possible way according to the category, page or product that has been viewed. Not only does the advertising include dynamic product displays, but the look and feel of the adver-tising can be customised to suit your requirements. This is why we are able to deliver optimal re-peat visitor rates and higher sales over a sustained period.


Billing models

User interaction
Using dynamic advertising media tailored to product interest

User focus in premium environments

Web & Mobile

Blacklisting & Whitelisting