ad4mat one // Social Ads
Redefines programmatic advertising in social networks

Your advantages with Social Ads

  • Profound understanding of the specification of Social Media Advertising
  • Advising & creating successful creatives
  • Targeting on purchase or surf behaviour, life situation or interests
  • Access to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Xing
  • CPC, CPO & influencer campaigns
  • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Traffic

Our Partners


  • Branch-specific interest & intent data
  • Exclusive, high-quality data sources
  • Scalability through machine learning
  • CRM data enrichment


  • Customer-specific ads
  • Dynamic, user-centric advertising
  • All effective media formats
  • Performance optimised

Quality inventory

  • Worldwide inventory
  • Premium Publishers
  • Full transparency
  • Price advantage through the purchasing power of ad4mat