The vast majority of internet pages are able to provide internet users information, services and en-tertainment free of charge because they are financed through advertising revenue. The website operators choose advertising partners for this purpose, who can generate this income for them and who offer reliable and confidential services. ad4mat is one of the most frequently chosen advertis-ing partners in Europe because our outstanding brand mix provides the maximum benefits for website operators and it unites you as the consumer with the offers and promotions that are rele-vant to you.


Why Cookies?

ad4mat wants to show you advertising that you will find relevant to your interests. This is why ad4mat banners use anonymised information on users’ surfing behaviour on the pages of our ad-vertising clients’ web pages and store this information as cookies in the user’s browser. The data that is collected during visits to webpages/online promotions for this purpose is completely anon-ymous. ad4mat respects your wish not to have personalised advertisements displayed. If you do not wish to receive this type of advertising, you have the option to change your browser settings to opt out of cookies. ad4mat will then not display any personalised advertising. More information on data protection at ad4mat.

Deactivate interest-based advertisements - cookie opt-out

You are able to generally deactivate usage-based ad4mat banners. To do this, please click on opt-out. This opt-out option only relates to the ad4mat service and will not stop advertising banners from other companies from being displayed.


Further information

If you would like to learn more about targeting methods or related technologies, we recommend the following websites:

Your Online Choices (EDAA / IAB Europe)
My Cookies (BVDW)

Do you have questions about advertising based on interests at ad4mat?

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