How to earn money online with ad4mat Publisher products

With ad4mat, you have access to around 50,000 international advertisers from all industries. Due to the high reach we achieve with our ads, we receive premium conditions from which you benefit with higher advertising sales. No matter whether you rely on simple text links, diverse advertising banners or useful comparison tables: With ad4mat you will find exactly the advertising medium that suits your site!
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advanced ad

The all-round advertising medium for your website.

Whether you run a fashion blog, a mobile magazine or a lifestyle site: With our selection of hundreds of advertisers from all sectors, you can reach your users precisely with the right advertising. Complement your editorial content with exactly the offers that are interesting for your users and persuade them to buy. Find the best banner format for placement on your website.
Your advantages with advanced ad:
  • Determine the size of your ad yourself: Choose from standard formats or create your own format.
  • Decide which stores should be displayed: Across all industries or only selected advertisers.
  • Changing advertisers every time the page is reloaded: Reach your users in the best possible way with exactly the offers that are tailored to them.
  • Targeted user approach thanks to retargeting technology: Ads are targeted to your users, they are more likely to buy, and you earn more money.
  • Data-driven ad targeting and automated optimization: Steadily increase your online revenue.
  • Only 1 Code: Start easily & quickly.
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select ad

Conversion through user interaction.

With select ad you give your users the possibility to find the right offer already in the ad. The user has various options in the widgets and is shown the recommended product according to his decision. By matching the user's interests already on the ad widget, the conversion rate increases.
Your advantages with select ad:
  • Interactive widget: We combine an advertising tool with a comparison tool in a smart widget.
  • High conversion rate: By preselecting and dividing into personas, we optimize the conversion of the advertising medium.
compare ad

Added value through smart comparison calculators.

Comparing prices is part of online shopping for many users. We enable price comparison with smart comparison calculators for mobile communications and DSL. After all, you can often save a lot of money by comparing offers. Especially when it comes to expensive purchases or contracts, it's worth taking a look at the prices of different providers. This is exactly where compare ad comes in: With our comparison calculators, your users have the opportunity to compare several offers directly on your site. If there is a suitable product, the user can go directly to the provider with just one click. If the user completes the purchase there, you earn money.
We currently provide you with comparison tables from the area of mobile communications and DSL offers. The clearly structured design of the calculators helps users to quickly find the information they are looking for.
Your advantages with compare ad:
  • No maintenance: We ensure that the content is always up-to-date for your users. In addition, we constantly add offers and bring them up to date.
  • Revenue maximization: By combining classic comparison calculator and performance ads, we maximize your revenue.
  • Customizable form & content: In order for the comparison calculators to integrate perfectly with the content of your site, you can customize the color scheme as well as the content according to your wishes.
  • Only 1 Code: easy & fast start: Just build the compare ad code into your site and you don't have to worry about anything else.
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Get your code to earn money!

The basis of our products is our advertiser database. This gives you access to thousands of advertisers from a single endpoint. Get tracking links and logo URLs for the stores you want to promote and decide how to use them to make money! Or choose one of our customizable banner ads. No matter what you choose: You only ever need one code to add to your site. In just a few steps you can maximize your website's advertising revenue and always rely on the support of our team.

Increase your advertising revenues

Become an ad4mat publisher and get access to our smart advertising products. We have the advertising medium that suits your channel and target audience best.
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