Smart Advertising - How does it work?

With Smart Advertising brands as well as publishers get more out of the connection. Smart Advertising is a solution that offers the best monetisation of ad placements and enables deep integration into the appropriate advertising environments
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What is the difference in our Smart Advertising solutions to normal ads?

With ad4mat, we provide publishers with a range of APis, tools, widgets, display ad and native ad solutions. This enables the integration of suitable advertising content as close to the content as possible with extremely good conversion rates. With this and a CPO-based payout, you get the maximum out of the advertising space. This is not only smart & clever but clearly differentiates itself from advertising on a CPC or CPM basis.

What are the Advertising solutions by ad4mat?

Based on our more than 50,000 brands & advertisers, we offer publishers worldwide a wide range of tools.
  • Display & Native ads with advanced ad
  • Endless custom ad solutions based on our advanced link & API

What makes our Smart-Advertising solutions different from “classical” Display advertising?

Our solutions are used by well-known websites and marketers worldwide. Our solutions are one-tag solutions, customizable in ad content, css & format, and allow an easy integration. Due to our large number of brands & advertisers, a high fit between publisher content and brand & advertiser product is given. Our Display & Native Ads include Postview tracking. That enables CPO tracking not only on the basis of generated clicks but also on the basis of view contacts. And of course we always try to achieve the highest possible CPO with the advertiser for you.Our Display & Native Ads include Postview tracking. That
This means:
  • Little to no overlap with "classic” display advertising.
  • No overlap with display campaigns of advertisers.
  • Earning on a CPO basis is therefore particularly attractive.

Examples of Smart & clever advertising integrations

advanced link

Contextual linking

With our tools for the integration of tracking links in content & articles we match contextual website content with products & brands and thus generate relevant clicks & sales.
High relevance for user, as little distracting & promotional
High credibility, as a natural part of the website
Contextual links tend to have a higher click-through rate than other types of links
laptop with advanced link example website screens
iphone, macbook, ipad
advanced link

Contextual links, news tabs on browser & OEMs

The cooperation with leading browsers like Opera, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Avast and OEMS like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei give the opportunity to brands for Native ad links for consumers to navigate to their favorite and popular websites.
Reach 500 MN+ users incrementally on leading OEMs & browsers
High contextual relevance for user, links are set according user interest
High attention, tabs are on browser or OEMs start page
laptop with advanced ad example website screens
advanced ad

Native Ads in the right context

With our native ads solution, we integrate products & offers from brands into high-quality website content. We generate attention, relevant clicks and sales. We work with marketers, publishers & websites worldwide.
High user acceptance because of seamless integration with native content
High credibility, due to matching native content and less promotional impact
Better performance, as click-through and conversion rates are usually higher
laptop with kleinanzeigen screen
advanced ad

Native Ads in search results

Get your product into prominent placement in the search result lists of websites like Benefit from high relevance based on the search query of users. With keyword-based targeting, you achieve precise and relevant targeting, leading to high click-through rates and product-specific conversions.
Cross-platform support: Desktop, mWeb, iOS, Android
Focus on product-specific conversion
Easy to start with Product Datafeed (Google Shopping Feed)
select ad

Industry specific offer widgets

With select ads, we put offers and rates into a comparable context, thereby increasing the added value and trust for the user. Both publishers and advertisers benefit from this.
Choice of top offers selected for users
Content added value
Responsive format
Multiple industries
eprimo compare widgets in different layouts
ipaid with compare ad example screens
compare ad

Tarif based comparison widgets

With compare ad, we offer a state-of-the-art comparison tool that combines the strengths of an independent comparison calculator with the added value of performance advertising.
Compare ad offers publishers the highest possible revenue through its own order track with attractive deals and automatic eReach and retargeting integration with smart ads.
Publishers benefit from a standardized and fast setup with content and color customisation without permanent maintenance effort.
Added value for content publishers
Revenue optimization through comparison + ads
Highly customizable
Responsive format

Increase your advertising revenues

Become an ad4mat publisher and get access to our smart advertising products. We have the advertising medium that suits your channel and target audience best.
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