How to earn money with ad4mat Social Commerce?

Do you work as an influencer and have reach in social channels like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest & Co.? We help you earn money quickly & easily with suitable brands and online stores.
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Social Commerce or Influencer Commerce with ad4mat

The principle is simple. Influencers can choose from more than 50,000 brands worldwide and integrate links into their story, feed or description. Whenever a follower or visitor clicks on the link and buys from the partner store, a commission flows. The better the advertised offer fits the target audience or content, the higher the sales, the more you earn.
The generated sales can be found clearly in the ad4mat user interface including valuable reporting insights. The earned commission can be paid out monthly after confirmation by the advertiser.
Numerous influencers and content publishers on Instagram & Co., but also social app operators already use our solutions for more online revenue with the help of their reach. Get in touch with us and make more out of your reach!

How to earn?

What you need to do is to share commissionable links. Our technology is simple to use.
  • Earn money from all your content across & all social channels
  • Over 50.000 retailers and millions of products & brands
  • Categories: Fashion, beauty, wellness, fitness, travel, home, technology & many more
We have been working with brands and online stores since 1999. Profit from our know-how and most attractive commissions.

How to earn best?

There are no limits to your creativity. Whether you use our links to existing campaigns to offer an upsell or directly create content is up to you. Depending on the product and industry, different commissions will flow.
For classic retail products like fashion, eyewear or cosmetics you usually earn a percentage of the shopping cart. The situation is similar for travel or flight bookings. With fixed-term contracts, such as in the mobile phone sector, you often earn a fixed amount per sale.

Examples of social commerce integrations

Global collaboration with the influencer app YEAY

In the YEAY app, users create videos of their favourite products. ad4mat links these videos with the appropriate affiliate shop links.
Authentic product recommendations
Only positive product reviews
“We have created a community where people can share honest testimonial videos about lifestyle products, services and experiences they love. These videos are quality checked by other members of the community to keep it honest.”
yeay website snapshots
two iphones with an instagram story of waldi showing vans

Influencer story & bio links

The affiliate links are placed in the story or in the influencer’s bio to match a product video.
Authentic product recommendations
Persuasive power of influencers & micro-influencers
Closed communities
Waldi Müller:
“I choose exactly those brands that I like myself and that I am sure my followers will also like.”

YouTube - Links in video descriptions

Place the links to the products from the videos in the description or comment fields. Receive an attractive commission for every sale made via the links.
Simply create tracking links from any online store link
We take care of the best possible commission for each link
Conveniently customize links for use in social media
Familie mit Bulli:
“It easy to find the links for all the products I have tested on the plattform. I am happy that I no longer have to worry about every single advertiser partnership.”
screenshots from a youtube video by familie mit bulli

Why Social Commerce with ad4mat?

A high reach in social media offers enormous potential to market content and generate revenue. Most users who follow influencers are interested in the same topics and want to learn more about them. They trust the product recommendations of social media personalities and are therefore more likely to buy the advertised products.
Social commerce is an easy way to monetize content. By placing affiliate links, users are directed to exactly the stores and products they are interested in and like. Influencers share their opinions about brands and products and make buying recommendations.
Join us and get access to over 50,000 brands and stores with thousands of products that you can earn money with thanks to your social media reach.
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